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Psychological vs. Neuropsychological

A psychological test evaluates basic intellectual, personal, & academic functioning. Neuropsychological tests go into greater depth, & are designed to measure specific brain functions and/or pathways. Neuropsychological tests are often utilized to clarify diagnosis when a disease or trauma may be responsible for producing specific symptoms that may otherwise be interpreted as psychological in nature. For example, dementia often produces paranoia & social isolation. If the diagnosis were not clarified by testing, a mental health provider might interpret these symptoms as psychotic in nature rather than neurobiological.

Personality testing does not differentiate neuropsychological from psychological symptoms. Dr. Turnbull does not provide neuropsychological testing. However, Dr. Turnbull would be happy to refer you to a neuropsychologist should you request this type of testing, or if she believes it is necessary to clarify your diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

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